PETITFEE Dry Essence Hand Pack

PETITFEE Dry Essence Hand Pack

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Soft, smooth and hydrated hands are just a hand mask away!

Why we love it:

The Dry Essence Hand Pack contains a concentrated essence, dry-processed into spa-like gloves making for easy application. 


Formulated with Aloe extract to soothe and strengthen skin, shea butter to nourish and hydrate dry,chapped hands and nails and Urea to remove rough skin. 

The glove material is smart phone/ touch screen-friendly so that you can multitask while moisturizing!

Size: 1 pair of gloves 

How to use:

Wash hands and dry thoroughly.
Open hand pack and put on the pack.
Secure the wrist with a rubber band for better absorption.
After 15-20 minutes, remove the hand pack.