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NEOGEN Real flower cleansing water - Rose

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Enhanced with real rose petals, this cleansing water removes makeup, impurities, and dirt from the face while hydrating the skin for refreshed and replenished skin.

Perfect as a post-cleansing toner or a standalone cleansing step similar to micellar water, this cleansing water leaves your skin feeling clean without over-stripping your natural oils.

With real rose petals suspended in the water, its soothing and hydrating formula is perfect for those with sensitive or dry skin and you're left with soft clean-feeling skin and the faintest smell of fresh roses. 

*Does not contain any artificial fragrances or coloring.  


20 ml ; 300 ml

How to use:

Saturate a cotton pad with cleansing water and lightly sweep across entire face to remove all impurities and makeup, or alternatively use as a toner after cleansing face and before moisturizing. No need to rinse after use. 

Tip: A great first cleanse if you're following the double-cleansing method!