MASQUEOLOGY Gold Collagen Hydro-Gel Mask - Philosophy Glow

MASQUEOLOGY Gold Collagen Hydro-Gel Mask

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This Gold hydro-gel mask is loaded with collagen and gold extracts to help detoxify impurities, hydrate and revitalize dull and fatigued skin while giving an overall golden glow. 

Why we love it:

Formulated with Collagen and Gold, this face mask targets signs of aging, giving the skin a younger, more revitalized look while also aiding in moisturizing and detoxifying the skin in just 20 min!

Key Ingredients:

Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Keeps skin supple and prevents it from wrinkling and sagging;
  • Optimizes the hydration and firmness of the skin;
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin and increases collagen production.
    • Detoxifies the impurities from the skin; 
    • Improves and nourishes skin cells;
    • Stimulates skin collagen synthesis and elastin. 

    How to use:

    (1) Gently unfold mask and place on cleansed face, adjust the eyes, nose and mouth opening. Eyes and mouth can either be covered or exposed.
    (2) After relaxing for 20 min with the mask in place, remove and discard.
    (3) No need to rinse, massage remaining essence into your face and neck.