GLOWHILL Glam Pink Makeup Facial Mask

GLOWHILL Glam Pink Makeup Facial Mask

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A gorgeous soothing pink pearl facial mask which gives you an immediate brightening glow with the help of real pink pearl, ruby, calamine powder, centella, niacinamide and more!

Why we love it:

This dual purpose mask is perfect to use as a makeup primer mask, getting your skin in the best condition possible for makeup. Not into makeup? This mask is still great as a pampering treat for those times when your dull, sensitive skin just needs a little extra brightening glow!

Formulated with these star ingredients:

Pink Pearl extract – perfect for sensitive skin, maintaining skin acidity levels while providing nourishment through a high concentration of antioxidants;

Ruby Powder -strengthens skin, nourishing, increase blood flow, brightens;

Calamine -anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, soothing, wound healing;

Centella asiatica extract -healing, antioxidant, anti-aging, soothing, strengthens skin;

Diamond Powder -gently exfoliates and brightens;

Milk Protein is hydrating, nourishing and healing for skin;

Niacinamide helps to shrink pores and even out skin tone; 

Adenosine smooths out wrinkles for firmer, plumper skin,

Sodium Hyaluronate has great healing properties and assists with hydration.