What is your "philosophy"?

Our "philosophy" at Philosophy Glow is glowing skin always! As part of this commitment we strive to ensure that we bring you the best in global beauty brands!

We also strive to ensure that our customers are always put first! We only exist because of your valued support and following. 

Are your products authentic?

Yes! Philosophy Glow only sources products directly from brands and suppliers who guarantee that all products are 100% authentic.

Are your products cruelty free, safe to use, and do they contain any harmful ingredients? 

All products we curate are well known global brands which have been tested and are safe to use. These products do not contain harmful ingredients and are not tested on animals. Majority of these brands are FDA approved and comply with global health and safety regulations.

Are your products for women only?

No not at all! Most of our products are unisex and can be used by men as well. In fact it is common practice in Asia for men to purchase and use these products. We have seen first hand a huge number of men who are serious about looking after their skin by purchasing these products. After all it’s about feeling good in your own skin! So why wouldn’t you want to invest in great products to achieve this.

What if i do not experience the desired outcome or have a reaction from a product?

Whilst we have rigorously checked to ensure that all our products are safe, we cannot guarantee the outcome that these products might have as each person's skin is different. If you are unsure as to what outcome you might potentially have we suggest that you first consult your doctor or a qualified person for advice. As per our terms and conditions we cannot accept any liability for any negative outcomes such as allergic reactions, sensitive skin reactions or any other adverse effects. We can only make recommendations based on general advice which does not constitute medical advice. If you have any questions in this regard please feel free to send us an email to discuss. 

 Where is your store located?

Currently our sales platform is an online only store but we are physically based in Johannesburg South Africa. Kindly refer to our contact page for more information or email us to get in touch.

What happens if I am looking for a product which is sold out or a product which you do not stock?

As the majority of our products are imported from Korea it does take some time to replenish stock. However we will try our best to get the product as soon as possible or if you drop us an email we will gladly keep you updated on product status. If there is a certain product you might want to purchase but we do not stock please let us know as we are always searching to bring you the best brands.

For any other queries or questions please feel free to get in touch with us by email at info@philosophyglow.com